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Things I Like Right Now

I hadn’t even thought of New Year’s resolutions until this exact moment. Now that the deadline has passed I guess any goals I could have had for 2012 are now ruined.

The only reason I would have written my resolutions down the first place would be because of my addiction to list-making. However, maybe I’ll just make a different list. A year is a long time and a statement like “I’m going to work out for 3 days a week” is A) never going to happen and B) Something that might get in the way of a new-found passion, activity, or project.

So how about list of current interests?


Crafts: Maybe it was all the people-ing during the holidays, but all I want to do lately is watch shows and make crap.

Beach: Who wants to go on the elliptical when you can collect shells on the beach for an hour. **this contributes to crafting

Fried Egg + Toast + Arugula: This is pretty constantly my favorite meal. Lately it’s just been better from extra-spicy arugula, homemade sourdough, and raw butter.

Pintrest: Did you know that mason jars screw onto most regular blenders? Ya, you are welcome. **this contributes to crafting

Now that school has started we will see what happens in another month. Until then, here are the steps to make some cutesie, recycled-book flower magnets.


1 old thrifted book. A little yellowing looks cool, too much and the pages will be too brittle.

Mod Podge. Or white glue and water if you are cheap like me

ruler, pencil, paintbrush

Super glue

round magnets

1. Slice off the white edges of 4 book pages. This is optional, but I like more text in my flowers.

2. Fold all lengthwise and keep two snuggled together.

3. Measure and mark each folded sheet at 2 cm and one and both 2 and 3 cm.

4. Cut the double layered sheet on the 2 cm and the one at the 3 cm. You should have 3 different sizes.

4. Paint the double layered sheet with mod podge and roll rightly.

5. Cut small strips into the medium sheet, stopping at the 2 cm line.

6. Paint with mod podge and roll rightly around the base roll, leaving the cut part unglued.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 with the larger sheet. Let glue dry

8. Super glue magnets to the bottom.

Experiment with more layers and different sizes!



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