Flowers and free things

Made: paper flowers

I love it here in Berkeley. My little burrow-room beneath a lemon tree is tiny- but I am barely there. Most of the time, I’m biking, sitting in a coffee shop, or at my sister’s. However, the other night I did hear my neighbors (a young couple) fighting about he fundamentals of communism and the authenticity of their art. Only I was too tired to laugh.

Across the street

I am actually sitting in Cole’s Coffee in Rockridge right now. The Flor De Cana Coffee is lovely and I really want to go get something tasty from the bakery up the block. But I’m a little scared of the Red Cross lady whom I said “no” to earlier when she asked if I had a minute. She gave me look that said “Really? You are walking your bike aimlessly and looking at pastries in the window”.

I might have to fake a phone call when I go to get treats.

Blue bottle latte and a creme fraiche, strawberry, tobacco scone

I’m trying to stay crafty while I’m here. I have a pile of thrift-store finds that need just a bit of alteration and a big list of want-to-makes. I did however, find an awesome mint green jacket in a donation box on the street. No alterations required.

Found: jacket

Found: small whale

I made these little flowers from a yellowed and worn- out copy of Robinson Crusoe for a friend’s baby shower.

Also. I can’t get enough beets.

Baby arugula, steamed beets, young goat gouda, dried figs, and reduce balsamic

Outside on the steps



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5 responses to “Flowers and free things

  1. Reba

    you’re the sweetest :) you inspire me to be crafty!! miss you lady :)

  2. you are darling!

    that coat..what a find!

    who’s having a baby??

    glad you are enjoying your time in berkely.

  3. melisandeholingue

    nicole! i love finding people from high school/oakhurst in the blogging world! i love your blog and reading about your life :)

  4. I love everything about this. You are and always have been absolutely darling :)

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