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Summer moments

I have picked up my bags once again and moved to the bay area for the summer. As of now, I am working as an editor for SeeJaneFly and as Nanny/Chef/Auntie for little G.

It’s been a busy two weeks: celebrating the life of my Grandma Betty with family, finishing final papers, unpacking, repacking, moving, and a 24-hour flu. Now I’m on my way to Michigan for the “Forward with Ford” conference!

In this tidal wave of stress and activity, I found moments of stillness. Stillness that reminds me it’s summer.

  1. A box of my Grandma’s clothes. They smelled like she did, cigarettes and beer, and despite the numerous preparations for her memorial service all week long, the reality of her death hit me here. She was quite a lady: feisty, protective, and a party animal. I will miss her.
  2. Mariposa with Katy. Cake, wine, and coffee at the Butterfly Cafe was exactly what I needed. 
  3. Bart. Yes it’s expensive, noisy, and crowded, but there is something about being swept along in the flow of different lives that I just love. Plus it’s a great time for reading.
  4. Farmer’s markets. Food+Sun, what more could I want out of summer?
  5. The joy of summer produce. Berries and Apricots, yes please.

    Black quinoa, glass-bottle milk, brown sugar, blueberries, and bananas

    Ps. The Apricot Tart recipe is adapted from here :)



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